Top SEO Podcasts in 2022

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

Top SEO Podcasts in 2022

Want to get instant advice about SEO? Take a look at these best SEO podcasts!

The hardest obstacle for SEO experts is to be on the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Google has millions of sites that get blocked due to terrible SEO and keyword formatting. Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites. Establishing an online setup business successfully on the internet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

For SEO managers, it is a great responsibility on their shoulders. The only thing that helps is – to keep their eyes and ears open all the time for new ranking and SEO updates. To keep themselves updated all the time, the podcast is an amazing and smart listening choice about SEO tactics from experts. No matter if you are in a garden, having meals, taking a ride, or anywhere. No one can stop you from keeping an earplug on trending updates.

Let’s jump over it to know about the best SEO podcasts to hear.

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Best SEO Podcasts in 2022

SEO keeps evolving its implementation strategy all the time. That’s the reason SEO managers must be aware of the updated algorithms for ranking the website. Hence these mentioned podcasts are interesting from the expert’s voice. Also, it is helpful to give better insights into the pros and cons, terms and conditions of new algorithms.


  • The Podcast – Authority Hacker SEO Podcasts 

This is one of the best podcasts which has received two hundred six votes in polls of the most favorite podcasts. In this podcast, users get advanced knowledge about SEO and the format of impressive blogs. Furthermore, this podcast covers the strategy of content and SEO marketing. The hosts of this show, Gael and Mark, share their experiences of working in this industry. The best thing about this podcast is – both hosts deliver the information in a precise and sympathetic manner.

The Podcast is engaging, entertaining, and never bores the listeners. Listeners do not get exhausted from any kind of sales advertisement promotion. Above all, this is the only platform that can give in-depth insights.


  • The Search Engine Nerds podcast

Learning Search engine optimization overnight is not possible. Because it’s not a kid’s stuff. Hence the bit by bit strategy is productive to clear the roadblock in securing the place on SERP. This podcast is hosted by Brent and Lauren. Both of them are highly experts in this SEO field industry. With massive years of experience.

This podcast clears all the doubts of listeners, along with giving bonus tips to improve the performance of SEO.


  • The Podcast – Marketing Speak

In this podcast, listeners get magic tips about SEO, marketing, entrepreneurship, and paid search in detail. This podcast is hosted by one of the most skilled marketers and writers who have years of expertise in these industries. His name is Spencer and he provides expert advice and pointers to get a clear vision of the topics. The listener can ask the query on the live topic through the help of an email from the website. Marketing Speak show is accessible to every user from every corner of the world

After completion of every podcast, listeners can analyze the checklist for the lessons learned today.


  • The Podcast – MozPod

This podcast is created by Brian Childs. MozPod covers the topics of SEO and marketing-related stuff. To bring remarkable results with relevant content is the only priority for Brian’s this podcast. In this way, listeners do not get bored during working, riding, and traveling. His every podcast comes in the form of snacks which can be easily digested. During the completion of the podcast, the host takes interviews with the most recognizable experts for frequently asked questions. He never hesitates to put things forward during interviews.

In this podcast, listeners don’t return without value. Every episode is a complete packet of value bombs. He tries to share the experience of their guests. With years of serving experience in this field of industry, he only focused on providing practical content. A large number of people have witnessed this wonderful insightful podcast.


  • Experts on the wire – Created by DAN

Dan Shure is an amazing experienced SEO expert. And this podcast’s name is “Experts on the wire”.  Before this podcast, he has produced tv shows and performed on the Strange Show at an early age. So he is most familiar with that – how to present the thoughts in front of the audience. This podcast was launched by his wife first. After some time, he managed the editing and music part of the podcast. With their excellent years of experience in this field, Dan is confident enough to share learning stuff. Including the questionnaire and insights, he also plays the activity with the people to make it entertaining too. Dan’s manner of describing the topics is friendly, engaging, and helpful. Furthermore, it is becoming the first choice of people when it comes to SEO podcasts.


  •  SEO Podcasts by Robert

Robert is a one-stop solution for SEO-related topics. The name is Search Talk Live and it was created by Robert O’ Haver. He has excellent years of working experience in this field. Tried the YouTube channel, and on Google too, when he got the idea of a podcast platform. Then it was a new world for him and he was ready to go forward with this show. In this podcast show, he talks about search engine optimization or SEO, SMM or social media marketing, and digital marketing.

The main goal of launching this podcast is to clear all the pool of doubts regarding SEO. Also, he invited recognized experts in the SEO industry. With these weekly episodes, he tries to cover relevant information for the audience. People love to hear their episodes and he provides awards to guests nominated as the “best podcast episode of the year” week/year.


Final words –

The podcast industry is flourishing day by day and soon it will influence the other industry in the row. This is a free resource for business people, and entrepreneurs to gain knowledge from experts. Thirst of getting better insights about SEO from experts never completes.

But how to get rank on the first page of Google, that’s the only thing to think about. This list of top podcasts will kick your anxiety out of the window and bring an interesting experience to get on the board. Here, experts have years of experience in the SEO industry who will preach the best lesson to lead the game of SEO.

So if you are also looking for such kinds of podcast episodes then choose any from them. And level up your knowledge of SEO every day.


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