Top 5 tools to check your website traffic

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

Top 5 tools to check your website traffic

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Are you looking for website traffic checker tools? Here are some for you!

Building a website is not rocket science. However, bringing website traffic is. Isn’t it?

Website traffic plays a crucial role in empowering the business. The more traffic will come on-site, the more benefits it offers. Yet what will you do – if no visitors come to check the services/products? At this time, the site will be of no use. Right?

Traffic signifies the trust and authority of a user from a brand. And every brand knows – building trust is like stepping on a skyscraper. It takes lots of effort and time to win the hearts of the audience. On the other hand, analysis is essential to practice. The constant analysis is aware of the user from the roadblock for traffic. However, manually it’s not possible. Because it is time-consuming. However, brands need to think about alternative sources.

So only one thing comes to mind – but, what? Let the cat out of the bag and that’s – tools.

Here are some tools which can provide every necessary detail. Let’s deep dive into these tools in detail.


Tools to check Website traffic 

Tools are the best companion for building a brand. It redeems the time from a long period of analysis. Also provides productive results within time. And these website traffic checker tools are all in one which can help you. To deal with website traffic dilemmas.


ubersuggest website traffic checker

Ubersuggest is the best website traffic checker tool. It can fulfill all requirements needed in a business. Millions of business owners trust this site. Due to expertise in keyword search and traffic analysis. This is an open-source tool that is accessible.

  • It helps to monitor the site performance
  • Analyze the performance at every level
  • Suggest information about the site of problem-creating bugs.
  • Compatible for all devices like mobile and desktop.
  • Provides crystal clear insights about visitors on a site.
  • Display the data in the form of charts, graphs, and more.
  • Users can audit the site to find relevant information.
  • Ubersuggest has a one-time revenue option.
  • This website traffic tool is mobile-friendly. Users can employ websites as well as the app.
  • It is straightforward and a kid’s stuff to use.
  • Ubersuggest offers free seminars and in-depth analysis.
  • This is a productive tool for SEO and performance


  • Get detailed analysis with Ahrefs 

ahrefs website traffic checker

Ahrefs is another robust competitor of Ubersuggest. This website traffic checker tool is providing services globally. Brings productivity to work for small and large-scale businesses. Moreover, this tool is highly recognized for its proficiency in backlink profiles.

  • Ahrefs is a user-oriented website traffic checker tool.
  • Working with Ahrefs is a piece of cake. 
  • Provides crystal clear information.
  • It allows the user to export the hard copy of data.
  • Ahrefs explores every single bit of websites.
  • It inquires about the keyword and contents.
  • This tool notifies the user of every mishap on the site.
  • Ahrefs can bring combined analysis.
  • Users can get insight into the position of a site in SERP.
  • Also the tsunamis of traffic from each metric.
  • The customer services are available at every end.
  • The system of Ahrefs brings new updates for a better user experience.
  • This website traffic checker tool costs nothing.


  • Increase website traffic with SEMrush 

semrush website traffic tracker

This is another prominent website traffic checker tool. SEMrush enables the user to optimize the site. Billions of users around the globe find this site worth it. It is not a time-consuming tool. SEMrush offers traffic-grabbing content. Also provides the silver bullet for building links.

  • Users can take advantage of its website audit features.
  • It empowers the website to steal the first position in SERP.
  • SEMrush has the domain analysis feature.
  • This tool is user-oriented and painstaking.
  • It gives birth to legitimate results.
  • SEMrush provides in-depth insights about competitors.
  • Exhibit the statistics about ranking keywords and digital ads.
  • The user interface is straightforward.
  • Moreover, it renders information for monthly visits on site.
  • In other words, it handles the SEO of the website. Including CPC ( cost per click) and bounce rate.
  • Furthermore, SEMrush boosts the content marketing strategy.
  • SEMrush has one advantageous feature. This assists the user to write SEO – friendly content.
  • SEMrush monitors the site daily. And informing the user through emails.


  • google search console traffic checker tool

Google search console is an open-source system. This is my favorite choice of brand. Millions of people daily type the query and search websites. And Google gets a stack of suggestions at a time. By using the Google tool, users can get the best practices for the website.

  • Google search console gives relevant data. For views, content has high/low CTRs. Moreover underrated performing keywords.
  • Users can also get the trends from “automated typing”
  • Snippets, videos, and blogs are some of the helpful ways. This stuff gives insight into what’s working and what’s not.
  • Google Analytics is a great spot for traffic analysis.
  • Google search console gives a deep insight. About what people are browsing.
  • Google search console is a user-friendly tool.
  • It provides data in the form of graphs, and charts.
  • Google search console monitors the activity of competitors.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge about the site’s campaign.
  • Compatible for all kinds of devices like mobile and desktop.


similarweb traffic checker tool

SimilarWeb is another tool for checking website traffic. It provides in-depth insights into competition. Furthermore, also suggest effective media. SimilarWeb tool is data-driven that provides relevant data. This tool extracts data from every corner of the world. In this way, the user can analyze what’s worth in a particular region.

  • Compatible for all devices like mobile and desktop
  • This website traffic checker tool is user-oriented.
  • It contains all the necessary features required to generate traffic.
  • This tool gives insights into engagement. Page visitors in a month on-site.
  • Likewise, provides info about keywords and analyzes social media data.

These are some tools that can help you to achieve the milestone of the brand. Now, which one you are going to use first?


Final thoughts- 

By checking the website traffic, users are aware of the running campaign. Is it getting exposure with audiences or not?

This is a windfall of technology that brings an advanced version of tools. Due to these tools, brands can take a sigh of relief. 

Above mentioned tools enable the user to monitor the site’s health. These tools are highly recommended by marketers.  Tools provide the audience insights on the website. After getting the notion of the site, the user can take the next step forward. So if you are also looking for website traffic checker tools. Then it’s time to try any of these now.


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