Top 5 Tools for Analysing Social Media data

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

Top 5 Tools for Analysing Social Media data

Have you heard about these Easy and Free Social Media Tools Before?

Social media is the hub for businesses. Most entrepreneurs believe it’s the best platform to generate leads. Around millions of users spend their quality time getting information, educating themselves, and for entertainment purposes.

According to Global digital reports – 4.62 billion are active social media users. 1.86 billion on Facebook, 313 million on Twitter, 500 million on LinkedIn, and 150 million on Pinterest.

Promoting the business on these sites is the best decision. After promotion, the most important thing is – to measure and track the results. For proper analysis, these tools can help to monitor the data in every social media platform.


Here are some best free social media tools – 

Tools help to analyze the results and it’s the best companion for business people. There are lots of social media tools available to check the results of any business campaign. But here are some of the best-recommended tools by experts.


1. Social mention 

social mention social media tool

  • It helps to keep the user updated about the mentions of their brand.
  • Social mention helps the user to monitor 100+ social media sites.
  • The feature scorecard helps to identify the passionate users of the brand.
  • This tool has a Third-party API support system for its users.
  • Social mention helps to track the data in the usual time from all social media sites.
  • The most liked feature of social mention is – Sentiment. With the sentiment feature, users can observe positive, negative, and neutral reactions.
  • Custom RSS Feed and API help to monitor the reach and mention and learn more about keywords.

2. Hootsuite – 

hoootsuite social media tool

  • Hootsuite is another social media tool to track information about social media.
  • Users can control multiple platforms in one place.
  • Users can plan their posts/messages, assess the response of the audience and statistics.
  • This is a highly time-conserving tool for users.
  • Hootsuite allows 35 popular sites through which users get connected with the customers.
  • Hootlet plugin helps the user to provide the information to their audience easily.
  • Social media listening is the best feature of Hootsuite. It helps to collect the views and opinions of the audience for the brand.
  • Hootsuite manages the queries of customers from every platform.
  • In this tool, users can organize the team and their work.


3. TweetDeck – 

tweet deck social media tool

  • TweetDeck helps to manage the tweets, views, and connections.
  • In 2011, TweetDeck was developed by Twitter.
  • It contains lots of excellent features which help to keep the user updated on trends.
  • This tool allows the user to track their Twitter profile only.
  • TweetDeck has a separate interface feature.


4. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo social media tool

  • Buzzsumo helps to analyze the trending content for various niches.
  • Users can track the information about the insights of their blog. This tool helps the writers and marketers to find out ideas for content. Users can find the content ideas based on keywords and domains.
  • Competitor analysis becomes easy with this tool.
  • Users can get ideas about the exact influencer of a particular niche.
  • Content analysis is another best feature of this tool. Users can identify the length and type of content.
  • Which social media platforms are using which kind of content? This tool helps to provide this information also.
  • This tool comes in a free and paid version.


5. Buffer

social media tool buffer

  • Buffer helps to schedule the post for social media sites.
  • This tool helps to analyze the test for the market.
  • Every platform prefers different kinds of content, and the buffer allows the users to monitor the results of uploaded content.
  • One of the best things about buffer is its analytics. It’s important to know which types of content people are admiring. This kind of analytics feature in this tool keeps us updated.
  • Cross-posting helps to upload the same post on different platforms with unique captions. It builds the brand presence on every site at the same time.
  • Users can upload multiple posts for a large number of accounts through this tool.
  • Buffer has a feature to reduce the length of URLs.
  • This tool can run on mobile as well as desktop.


6. Socialpilot. co

socialpiot social media tool

  • Socialpilot is another best tool for analyzing the data of social media sites.
  • This tool provides a dashboard where the user can easily access all the social media sites.
  • Examining the results of content is an important subject to understand. Socialpilot enables the statistics and gives relevant information about the activity.
  • The best feature of Socialpilot is that – it connects the profile of users on every social media site.
  • Keeping an eye on competitor performance is important. For this Socialpilot help the user to give concrete details about a competitor.


7. Brand24 

brand24 social media tool


  • Brand24 is another best tool for social media management.
  • This tool gives you complete analytics about every social media site.
  • Brand24 is a tool that can be used to schedule and create a post.
  • The optimization feature in Brand24 helps to optimize the content in natural time.
  • This tool provides all the necessary features to establish a well-known brand.
  • Brand24 was established in 2008. It collects the information from each social media site to perform better.


8. Meltwater 

  • Meltwater is an amazing tool that can provide the thoughts of people about the brand. It is an excellent social media listening tool.
  • This tool allows the user to search endless keywords.
  • Gives the user all the necessary insights of information
  • The tool works on Algorithms of AI
  • One of the best things about Meltwater is – it provides the user overall record of the brand’s health.
  • Collect the reports for the performance of competitors.
  • It informs the user before anything happens.


Conclusion – 

Social media is becoming the most favorite place for business people. After this pandemic situation, most of the brands have built their presence on social media sites. Social media helps them to reach their target audience and generate traffic, leads, and connections.

For building a robust brand, it is important to analyze the results every time. Check what’s working and what’s not, maintain the records, and work on them. Manually, it’s quite hard to check the data of every platform but it becomes easy through tools. These free tools help a lot in handling all the relevant information about your business activities. Use any of these tools to build a successful brand.

Don’t chase the paid one, if you have free.


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