Have you ever tried these social media scheduling tools?

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

Have you ever tried these social media scheduling tools?

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Are you not getting time to schedule social media content? Consistency in any platform is important for lasting growth. This builds trust and authority in front of the audience. Social media is a great platform, where most business people set up their brand. But establishing a successful business is not a cup of tea. This takes lots of time and effort every single day. Due to managing multiple kinds of stuff, business people don’t get sufficient time. For planning the post and review all activity on social media.

At this time, social media scheduling tools come into the picture. These tools schedule the post, create, and assess the results. If you are also looking to ease the work of scheduling then –

Here are some for you.


Best social media scheduling tools 

1. ContentCal

  • ContentCal is the best tool for scheduling content.
  • Manages the calendar and CMS (Content Management System) for business.
  • Business people can operate numerous accounts in ContentCal.
  • It has features where business leaders can connect with their team members.
  • The advanced system of ContentCal allows business people to check their performance. Also enhances the chances of performance.
  • ContentCal is best for freelancers, companies.
  • ContentCal comes in a free and paid version. The free plan is available for one customer, to schedule on every media site.
  • It supports cloud, SAAS, web-based, Mac and Windows desktop system


2. Falcon 

  • The best thing about this social media scheduling tool is – it’s damn easy to use.
  • This is a cloud-based software that deals with all the activities on social media
  • It has great efficiency to manage reviews, analytics, calendar, and activity in social media.
  • The other best thing about Falcon is their – customer support system.
  • Falcon team provides webinars to users. So that people get to know about coming changes and new products.
  • Falcon has pre-designed templates which can be a  great help for content creators. To save time, the user can select any of the templates and create them.
  • This tool is paid and not available in the free version.


3. Loomly 

  • This is a cloud-based tool which helps the entrepreneur to schedule their content on social media.
  • The best advantage of using the Loomly tool is – it can assess the analytics of multiple accounts. Also filter out the right keyword, upload, and schedule the post.
  • Users can easily find the contents stored in the library.
  • Loomly takes care of the performance of the page.
  • The best feature of considering Loomly from above all is – it can post the content automatically.
  • Loomly does not come in free of cost, its paid version starts with $25.00.
  • Including posts, users can upload videos also.
  • Loomly also supports social listening.


4. Agorapulse 

  • This is another best-recommended tool.
  • Agorapulse manages the viewpoints of the audience for the brand post on every social media site.
  • Agorapulse informs about the analytics for the social media activity in the form of PDF.
  • The tool also supports social listening activities.
  • The best thing about Agorapulse is that – it makes a business of users more successful. It provides some free necessary tools for effective work.
  • Agorapulse supports three languages – English, Spanish and French.
  • The features which make Agorapulse stand out from the crowd are – affordable price, 24/7 customer help, friendly user interface.
  • Better UI/UX design to enable the interest of the user
  • Agorapulse notifies the user with emails regarding all kinds of activity on social media.
  • Agorapulse comes in a paid version, and every marketer and business owner can use it.


5. Sendible 

  • To make social media scheduling and management easier. Sendible is the best choice for marketers and business people.
  • It brings all social media channels to handle under one roof.
  • Reduce the working hours on a single task.
  • Including scheduling, posting, analyzing. This also helps the brands to generate leads.
  • It contains all the available tools to impress the customers.
  • Sendible helps to gain followers, engage with the audience.
  • This tool helps to schedule the bulk of posts in a single time.
  • Sendible also gives suggestions to marketers and business professionals, for trending content.
  • This tool supports multiple languages like – Arabic, English, Chinese, Polish, Slovak, and more
  • Sendible has an automated system to enhance the performance of the business.


6. Promo Republic 

  • Promo republic helps business professionals and marketers to distribute the content on social handles.
  • The use of AI improves the performance for scheduling, creating, managing the content.
  • It provides a feature that can manage numerous clients from any location.
  • With the Promo Republic, the user can run ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • It supports two languages – Russian and English
  • The best advantage for using the Promo Republic is that – it provides 100+ thousand ideas for content creation.
  • This tool supports social listening.
  • The Promo Republic is serving its features worldwide
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Users can post and edit their images.
  • Enhance the work speed and save time.


7. Zoho social 

  • Zoho Social tool is all in one for all kinds of businesses.
  • This tool can create, post, schedule, analyze, on social media sites.
  • There are forty products available in Zoho social.
  • Millions of users are trusting this tool
  • This is one of the best tools available in the market. It contains robust features which can drive you crazy.
  • It represents the analytics through graphs.
  • Users can manage and discuss the matter on one platform.
  • Zoho social helps to maintain the records of income generated from social media.
  • It supports multiple languages like – English, French and more.
  • Users can upload multiple posts at a time.
  • Zoho social makes the Interaction with the audience much easier.


Conclusion – 

For business professionals and marketers, it’s important to improve performance and save time. Millions of social media users are available on the internet. But manually it’s not easy to show up in front of them every time.

Social media scheduling tools maintain the brand presence at all times. Also, it develops meaningful content that builds authority. Scheduling is important –

Suppose you have prepared a meal but not even taste it then – What’s the use of it? Same way, building a business is not enough, business professionals must update the content from time to time and analyze the results. It enhances the public interest, awareness towards the brand.

Which tool is your favorite? Let us know in the comments


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