Want to find better keyword ideas? Here are the best tools for quick results 

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

Want to find better keyword ideas? Here are the best tools for quick results 

Do you want to gain traffic on the site? Then focus on the keywords first. 

Keyword plays a vital role to raise the traffic in a blink of an eye from the bottom to the top level. With the more relevant keyword ideas to use, there will be more chances to gain excess website traffic, visits, and position. Keywords are a phrase that people use to find information on Google. It’s important to assess which keyword people mostly use while researching the products or services. 

As per Ahrefs statistics – 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine

To win the game online, focus on more relevant keywords to be the apple of your audience’s eye.  

When it comes to how to research relevant keywords then worry not, here are some high-performing, reliable and result-oriented tools to enhance your business listing on the search engine. 


Tools you should not underestimate while researching keyword ideas!

Let’s deep dive into some tools which can be a great companion to get things done for keywords and their research part.  


1. Ubersuggest 

ubersuggest website traffic checker

Ubersuggest is one tool that can help the user with multiple things required in business. Now it’s most helpful to create and check decent working keywords. It provides insights into ranking keywords and ways to boost traffic. The better practice of online SEO optimization with the help of keywords will help to get a satisfactory rank. 

  • It provides the user with a whole report about the performance of keywords used in a blog. 
  • It helps to provide keyword analysis, which contains the information on how well this keyword is performing online.   
  • This tool offers an advance “filter” option. Users can filter out the keyword based on specific, niche, and topic.
  • Ubersuggest offers the option “traffic analyzer”. This update provides information on the performance of top pages through keywords. 
  • This tool is available for use in the free version. 
  • Ubersuggest is user-oriented. 
  • The user interface of this tool is as easy as falling off a log. 


2.  Google Search Console 

google search console traffic checker tool

Google search console is the most popular tool to get better keyword ideas. While typing the query, several keywords and suggestions come in front of the eyes. The majority of people visit Google daily for information on products and services. Due to this, Google conquers all the time working keywords within, and this way Google can bring quality-driven results for the keywords. 

  • Google search console gives relevant data about views, content having high/low CTRs, and underrated performing keywords.
  • Users can also get information on trending keywords from ” automated typing” 
  • The “People also ask for” tab also contains terrific ideas for keyword ideas. 
  • Google Search console is enough to get millions of keyword ideas. 
  • Snippets, videos, and blogs are some of the helpful ways to make up your mind about new keywords 
  • Google Analytics is also one of the most recommended spots for keyword traffic analysis and audience insights. 
  • Google search console gives a deep insight into what people are browsing and what they want. 


3. Ahrefs 

ahrefs website traffic checker

Ahrefs is the tool that beats the competition with other tools. Several bloggers prefer to use this tool because of its multi characteristics including keywords. User-friendly, straightforward to use, and advanced user interface. 

  • This tool can research immense keywords for various other search engines
  • Compatible with all devices like mobile phones and desktop 
  • Users can research infinite keywords till their thirst is not satisfied. 
  • While using this tool for research, users can filter it with country, region, and much more. 
  • This tool assists the user to select keywords of maximum reach 
  • Backlinks play a key role in building authority, and Ahrefs analyze the backlinks’ growth daily. 
  • Ahrefs evaluate the click-through rates on every single keyword used in the content. 
  • Before putting the stuff of keywords on the content, the user can monitor the worth of using keywords in the content. 
  • Customer service is available for the queries to resolve. 


4. Google Keyword Planner 

Google keyword planner- keyword ideas generator

Google itself is the mine of great stuff. Similarly, its tools are worth using for business or content. Google keyword planner brings suggestions for better keywords which boosts the reach of online content. This is affordable in price and has insane performance and reliability during usage. Users can access it with their same google account and find an immense sum of keywords instantly. 


  • This is compatible with devices like desktops and phones. 
  • Straightforward, user-oriented, and advanced user interface. 
  • Users can search for the most ranking keywords and ideas for the content. 
  • Furthermore, Google keyword planners figure out whether this keyword will rank in the future or not. 
  • Users can analyze every relevant information about individual keywords. 
  • Working with Google keyword planner is as simple as kid’s stuff. The only thing to do is to enter the phrases or words and google will search for the best option of keywords for you. 
  • Deliver quality-driven results. 
  • Assistance support is always available to provide a better user experience. 


5. The Keywordtool.io 

keywordtool.io keyword ideas generator

Keyword.io tool is another best tool on the list. This tool is user-oriented, straightforward, and reliable. Users can get instant updates about trending keywords. Keywordtool.io analyzes the keyword based on relevant metrics like – competition-based, high traffic based, ranking keyword position in SERP, and much more. Users can take advantage of an ample amount of productive keywords in this tool. 

  • Handling this tool is damn susceptible. 
  • This tool is highly compatible with every device. 
  • Customer service is ready for assistance regarding the queries. 
  • While researching, users can select the “filter” option to determine keywords based on a specific area or niche. 
  • The best advantage of trying hands over this tool is due to its mind-blowing features – like users can steal the keyword from their competitor’s site. 
  • Furthermore, this tool offers you to perform an in-depth study of your competitor’s strategy. 
  • The price of this tool is nominal and free of cost. 


6. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere - keyword ideas generator

Keywords everywhere is not a time-consuming tool while researching keywords. It can save your time and excessive effort for keyword research. As the name suggests – it can find keywords for you from every corner of the search engine. From short to long-tail every type of keyword user can select for the contents. This tool analyzes your competitors, top ranking, and high target keywords. 

  • Compatible for devices like mobile and desktop 
  • Customer service is ready to serve for assistance. 
  • While evaluating, this tool brings results based on relevant metrics.
  • Users can analyze the data which are in trends
  • Secure, reliable, and accessible for bloggers of small and large-scale industries. 
  • This is a paid tool. 
  • Users can convert the search file into other formats like excel, and documents.
  • Through this tool, users can access other tools like Google, YouTube, and Amazon instantly. 



To build a better presence online, brands are focussing on the keyword more than anything else. The keyword is essential to make your SEO dominant on the website. This brings better ROI which can leverage your demand to move to another level. 

And these tools are the best way to go ahead with them, they are time savers, result-oriented, secure, and reliable. Choose any tool to build authority with your audience on the search engine result page. 



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