7 Free tools Graphic Designing tools for beginners

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

7 Free tools Graphic Designing tools for beginners

Graphic design tools for beginners

Paint designs with these tools – Tools Guide for beginner graphic designers! 

What do you think after observing the book having awful designs and illustrations? Would you like to read it? 

For a brand, it’s important to give priority to visuals. The more alluring and fascinating visuals people behold the more they will attract towards the brand. To get high in demands, make popularity among people and get sales. All things indirectly dependent on the way of presentation through graphics and designs. Both are complementary to each other and enhance credibility. 

Graphics designing skills are in great demand in the market. From large-scale to small-scale enterprises, all brands need to amplify their brand values. Most of the brands prefer the quality of design most with the contents. That’s why brands prefer to hire skilled graphic designers. On the other hand, to be better at the design it’s important to practice it daily. Because designing is an art that needs effort and time to get in hand properly. 

To be a better graphic designer, start to do practice with these tools. Graphic design software tools are a better companion to polish the design to the next level. But for a beginner graphic designer, which graphic design software tools will be helpful to learn better designs? 

Here are some graphic design software tools which can make you a professional graphic designer with consistent practice. Let’s deep dive into this in detail .


Best graphic design software tools for beginners

For a beginner, it’s sometimes tough like walking on a skyscraper when it comes to choosing the best graphic designer software tools for graphic designing. However, it’s required to have one which meets all the requirements of the designer. The following tools are enough to get the most out of it. 

1. The Canva 

Canva graphic designing tools
Image from – Canva.com

Canva is a user-friendly tool for newbie graphic designers. This tool has advanced features and is straightforward too. Hence, the beginner of a graphic designer can make illustrative design playfully. Furthermore, this tool always provides amazing updates along with new features. 

    • This tool has pre-ready templates. So newbies and editors and renew with their creative minds. 
    • Compatible for every device like mobile and desktop. 
    • Professional designs, logos, animations, and videos are available. 
    • Users can utilize this tool for social media sites as well. They can make posts and create story templates. 
    • Canva is stealing the leader position in the market from other designing tools. Due to the addition of modern and exciting features, the designing work for brands becomes a piece of cake. 
    • It has easy to fix setup and security privacy. 
    • Canva tool is available in free and pro versions. Also, the user can include their team in this tool. 
    • The file can be imported in pdf format. And users can share their designs to other sites as well.

2. The Lucidpress 

lucidpress tool for graphic designing
Image from ~ Talbot

Lucidpress is another interesting graphic designing platform. And this tool can help the user to bring professional taste in designs. This platform is trustworthy and with great working experience as a designer with this tool. Moreover, Lucidpress is a website-based platform and user-oriented. Furthermore, the user interface is straightforward for newbies to utilize. 

    • All stuff and design are created in real-time. 
    • Users can access the browser anytime and anywhere. 
    • Users can share the work and bring the team to one home. 
    • All the data is accessible and managed in a secure space. No loss of data users can expect in this tool. 
    • Including designing, it has advanced typography and illustrations as well. 
    • Also, users create a folder to share and save their creativity for later analysis. 
    • Lucidpress avails the user with the help of videos, consultation calls, and chats. All kinds of queries resolution are available to resolve the issue. 
    • Compatible for all devices like mobile and desktop, instant work experience.  
    • Users can create one to all types of content including advertising campaigns. 
    • It streamlined the process of the design tasks and maintained brand integrity. 
    • Available in the free and paid versions. And there are no other complications to setting up an account or something.

3. The Inkscape 

Inkscape graphic design tool
Image from ~ Inkscape

This is an open-source tool for newbie graphic designers. Inkscape is a user-oriented and accessible tool to make things happen instantly. The User Interface of the Inkscape is friendly and worthwhile. Inkscape is the only tool that allows the user to learn new things along with the designs.  Also versatile in managing the stuff related to the brand. Along with designs, it provides impressive illustrations, logos, and typography to boost the designs. The Inkscape team is always ready to support the customers in need.  

    • Inkscape also allows the user to experiment with pencil tools, calligraphy, etc. Users can create the object with these features. 
    • Users can download the file into jpg, png, and many other formats. 
    • The other best advantage of this tool is – Editing Node functionality. 
    • Users can manipulate the vector designs effortlessly. 
    • With the feature of node functionality, Inkscape is also rich in tools for this feature. 
    • The Inkscape tool is recommended for every large and small business. 
    • The best thing about this tool is – it is a free piece of pizza. 
    • There are many more typography advancements.

4. The Pixlr 

pixlr graphic design software
Image from ~ Pixlr

This is another highly recommended tool from an expert graphic designer. Pixlr is stealing the space from its competitors. Intuitive designing and free for users. Pixlr is user-oriented and serves a great experience with its interface. To set up the tool, there are no further requirements for the installation. The favorite choice of people for photo editing tools is – Pixlr. Highly advanced features and not so sophisticated for use. There are many more tools embedded in this tool like background remover, eraser, and much more. 

    • Pixlr has stocks of templates and amazing themes based on the desire of users.
    • There are tons of fonts available in Pixlr. 
    • Also, inbuilt filters amplify the quality of images. 
    • This tool is available in the play store and users can download it for free of cost. 
    • Pixlr works as fast as rocket speed and is also accessible. 
    • Users can customize this tool. This has one to all features to impoverished the quality of images.
    • This tool has pre-ready post templates for quick use. 
    • It is integrated with AI who simplifies the design process. 
    • The other best advantage of this Pixlr is – it has layer and mask features for illustrations. 
    • Above all, it’s the perfect suit for a newbie’s first design. 
    • Customer support is available with a quick chat, or call.

Final words – 

Graphics designing is a competitive skill in this era. Most people focus on visuals rather than just content. The color and effects influence the mind of the audience and sprinkle optimistic reflections about the brand. So if you are also passionate enough to create designs at a great height. Then try any of these tools and spill the colors. 


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