6 Free Learning Centers for Social Media Marketers

Vikas Goel

Vikas Goel

6 Free Learning Centers for Social Media Marketers


Social media marketing is a booming industry. According to statistics, 1.3 million people always sign up for their new social media accounts. Around 54% of the population prefers to search on social media about the products. In addition to this, users spend a lot of time on social not just l.

Social media is a great platform for entertainment, information, and promotion.

In any business, social media marketers always keep an eye to check the audience’s insights. Social media marketing is not just about promotion, because it’s part of this. So if you also want to be the best social media marketer?

Then here is the list of some best learning centers for social media marketers.


Best learning centers for social media marketing 

Choosing the right learning center for social media marketing is like walking in a skyscraper. But these learning centers will surely help the learner to get rid of hustling.


1. The HubSpot 

Hubspot learning center

  • This is a software of Content Resource Management (CRM), one of the best platforms for learning.
  • It contains an infinite number of courses for learners.
  • It includes free courses with certification, badges, live training, and projects.
  • This course is available in four different languages.
  • Lots of learners including professionals prefer Hubspot for learning.
  • It contains detailed information about every topic including a case study in marketing, sales, and more.
  • Customers of HubSpot are from 120+ countries.
  • HubSpot provides the opportunity to clear the roadblocks for Job.
  • It provides a course with quizzes and exams which creates great help.
  • Teachers of HubSpot are industry experts who have in-depth knowledge about every topic.
  • The contents present in every lesson are very insightful.


2. The Coursera

coursera learning center

  • Coursera is another best online learning site.
  • In-depth knowledge with leading industry experts
  • For a better experience, Coursera collaborated with two hundred plus industries and an educational hub.
  • It contains all kinds of professional courses from technical to marketing.
  • These courses make you ready for a job in a recognized company.
  • Learners can earn a certificate from any individual course or a degree.
  • It provides a chance to learn from anywhere to anyone.
  • Coursera provides live training and practical projects.
  • Learners can get certified by highly recognized brands like Google, Facebook, and International Business Management.


3. The Udemy

Udemy learning center

  • This is another best way to learn new and advanced skills.
  • Udemy has a numerous collection of courses
  • The all contents in the lessons are up to date with the latest trends.
  • The learner can get a great experience with leading industry experts
  • Learners don’t need any other tools than a good connection to the internet.
  • It helps the masters to earn money through teaching.
  • Udemy connects with people through emails for mutual benefits.
  • Learners can save more coupons and get easy discounts on courses.
  • The course contents contain good quality.
  • Udemy allows the mentors to promote their courses.
  • After learning, learners are assigned some work that they can share with their mates.
  • Udemy helps all kinds of a enterprises


4. The Skillshare

Skillshare learning center

  • It is another best online learning center
  • Skillshare contains lots of education programs for tech and non-tech users.
  • This platform has benefits for mentors and learners
  • Mentors can promote their developed courses
  • The mentors have huge industry experience
  • It gives a chance to create classes for the group of learners
  • Skillshare provides monetary benefits to teachers
  • The learner can refer their classes to their friends
  • Skillshare provides high-quality materials for classes
  • Learners can share their knowledge, feedback, and experience
  • Courses are available in the form of video
  • Skillshare offers a guide that can help to smoothen their skills
  • This platform is to learn about the new skills available for every individual and business owner.
  • Premium services help to keep the learner up to date.
  • Videos lectures are available in offline and online mode

5. The Alison 

Alison learning center

  • This learning center is another great choice for learners
  • It has a User-friendly network
  • Alison has good quality of contents
  • There are a huge number of courses for learners
  • Experts are from different countries and regions with proven experience
  • Millions of users use this platform for learning
  • It contains many courses based on recent trends.
  • Alison has features to save the course for later use.
  • The learner gets certificates and earns a degree in Alison.
  • All course materials are available on the YouTube channel
  • Alison has a feature to refer to the program and earn a benefit
  • The courses are available in five different languages
  • Learners can pay to remove advertising.


6. The edX

edx learning centre

  • This is another way to strengthen the resume.
  • EdX offers a huge variety of courses including finance and marketing
  • The learner can schedule their time to get on courses.
  • edX provides “easy to access” features
  • It contains a collection of courses free of cost
  • The contents are designed by hands-on experts
  •  Mentors are from different continents with industry experience
  • edX provides branded certificates after completing the course.
  • edX joins hands with one hundred sixty-plus best universities in the world.
  • This platform is created with the help of educators.
  • edX provides a policy of refundable course
  • This platform provides opportunities to every individual and business professionals
  • Business owners can train their employees with the help of the business edX feature.
  • The learner can download it from the play store
  • It got five ratings from customers



Learning has no fixed age and time, people can learn anytime if they want to build themselves. Every individual must have a passion to learn more about everything. It will never disappoint you in any journey of life. Also, learning and improvements enhance the confidence to face the world.

Everyone wants to learn independently and is passionate about enhancing their skills. And today everything is possible with booming technology. Advancement in the era of technology has made everything possible. Now people can learn anything, anytime and anywhere. The only thing you require is a smartphone with a good connection to the internet.

Most of the individuals had taken this opportunity to build their resumes and get knowledge. So if you are also looking for this opportunity that can help to make your dreams come true. Then join any of the above-mentioned learning centers for a better learning experience.


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