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Vikas judging

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Vikas judging

About Me

My name is Vikas Goel, (Born on 31st August 1984) I am an entrepreneur and love to work in early age startups. Since last 10 years i have worked in almost 6 start ups out of which 4 are started by me. I'd like to say this professional experience has made me meet and work with amazing people in business and life.

I am also an active participant in podcasts and speaking opportunities, have spoken in a few institutions where i got a chance to speak with people in MBA and engineering.

I have a penchant for traveling, especially places which have historical significance. I will most likely share my experiences in Tripadvisor. Apart from traveling i am very active in online communities and blogging on Quora, Reddit and Linkedin.

Feel free to reach out to me, will be happy to connect and chat.